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Rehab in Siliguri
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About Us

In the town of Siliguri, our Siliguri Hope Foundation is a residential rehab and counseling clinic that helps to treat the alcohol-drug afflicted people, schizophrenia and other mentally disordered persons.

We laid our establishment in the year 2016 and our attentive approach to every individual’s problem is both medically-assisted and drug-free. Our personnel of expertise includes medical doctors, counselors and consultant psychiatrists who endeavor to provide you or your loved ones with a life soaring new hopes.

We deal with addiction as an illness and promote abstinence for long-lasting recovery. Our team aims towards giving the patients a better and addiction-free life through an intensive and personalized program that combines medical treatment, 12-Step and other psychiatric therapies and some complementary therapies. We arrange treatment programs that incorporate workshops, modules, sessions, and activities that are proven to be the most effective tools by researchers and performers, to detox and treat alcohol and drug addictions.

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Our Specality


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    Our treatments include Medical Detoxification. It is a process to systematically and safely withdraw people from drug addictions, usually under the care of a physician. We provide such methods to permanently withdraw our patients from such dependency habits and bring them around with a massive recovery.

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    Hope Foundation is a Rehabilitation centre or a rehab. Rehabilitation centres are approached to help a person recover from or get rid of addictions, traumas, injuries, and even physical or mental illnesses. We provide additional care and assistance to the drug-addicts, the traumatized and the schizophrenia.


    Treatment Follow-Up

    Treatment Follow-Up

    We make sure that our treatment does not end even when a patient successfully completes his course of the rehabilitation program. Addiction, whether it is substance or behavioural can be a lifelong condition, and if proper aftercare options are not taken into account, relapse can occur and the patient might resume his or her addictive behaviour.


    Prayer and Meditation

    Prayer and Meditation

    We provide ideal environments for meditation and prayers. Meditation is a practice which should be performed by all- the healthy and the otherwise. It is a practice where an individual sits in peace, gets connected to its conscience and mind and discovers the inner soul within itself without becoming identified with that content.

Our Psychiatrist

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Why Choose Us?

Best De-Addition Centre in Siliguri

In Siliguri, we are the largest detoxification, correction, and rehabilitation centre at the Siliguri Hope Foundation.

No use of any Mood Altering Substance

We use pre-eminent and the oldest treatment methods that are considered ideal and reliable to treat alcoholism or druggists.

Highest Success

Our foundation to date has proved that 81% of the people who sought our treatment and care has been in recovery.

Innovative Treatment Practise

Our treatment methods are unique. We include dance, theatre, bakery, bike tours, survival and endurance camps to uplift our patients emotionally.

Famalies as an Integral Part of Treatment

We firmly believe that undivided support from loved ones is a mandate for people under rigorous recovery from drug/alcohol addiction.

Participatory Approach

Our chain of treatment at Hope Foundation is a journey from being wrong to being right, from despair to hope and from irrational to rational thinking.

Our Facilities

  • thumb1 Jacinta Karketta

    “My nephew, 21, was long-driven towards drugs- perhaps since he was thirteen. His mental health gradually deteriorated when we sought help from Siliguri Hope Foundation. Their team of experts not only worked their heart out to treat my nephew but also gave him a rebirth in a better environment.”

  • thumb1 Rohini Biswas

    “Due to a certain trauma during my teenage, I had been drastically affected- both emotionally and physically. Proper counseling by cooperative psychiatrists and various interesting therapies at the Hope Foundation in Siliguri helped me get out of this well of guilt and helplessness.”

  • thumb1 Roshan Selvam

    “Under tremendous peer pressure, I had been prone to smoking weeds and drinking alcohol. It somehow affected my demeanour towards my family, my academics failed and I lost hope when a relative of mine suggested to approach Hope Foundation and there it was, I received a 6-month therapy and here I am today, all recovered and happy.”